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The Encyclopedia of Operations Management

The Encyclopedia of Operations Management

A Field Manual and Glossary of Operations Management Terms and Concepts
The Encyclopedia of Operations Management (EOM) is an ideal "field manual" for students, instructors, and practicing managers. For students in both business and engineering, the EOM is a useful guide for developing an integrated mental map for the entire field of supply chain and operations management. It has also proven useful as a reference for students preparing for case discussions, exams, and job interviews. It is particularly helpful for students new to supply chain and operations management and for international students who need precise definitions of specialized terms. For instructors, the EOM is an invaluable desk reference and teaching aid that goes far beyond the typical dictionaries. Many instructors and doctoral students find the numerous figures, graphs, equations, Excel formulas, and references helpful for their lectures and research. For practicing managers, the EOM is a valuable tool for black belt and green belt training programs for both lean and lean sigma programs -- and a powerful tool for helping organizations build a precise standard language.

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The Encyclopedia of Operations Management Testimonials
"Finally a comprehensive tool that will aid both the new and experienced operations practitioner in understanding the evolving technological landscape of manufacturing."
Sandy Meurlot, Vice President of Operations, The Toro Company
"It's a great resource to quickly reference specific operations management terms and acronyms for anyone in business or academics. I will use it!"
Mike St. Martin, Managing Director, FedEx Express
"An excellent, comprehensive and complete reference that students, consultants, supply chain practitioners and professionals can use to quickly and easily obtain value to support their educational and professional endeavors."
Charlie Honke, Partner, Product Lifecycle Management, IBM Global Business Services
"Finally, a definitive and comprehensive source of supply chain terminology defined and explained. This reference work will institutionalize a common understanding of the increasingly complex supply chain world, and will enable advancements in the discipline via that understanding. This book should be within arms reach of everyone involved with leading, managing, or learning about supply chain management."
Tim Larson, Vice President Purchasing, Michael Foods, Inc.
"The Encyclopedia of Operations Management is very well done and I am enjoying reading it."
Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World Resort (Retired)
"Art Hill's new encyclopedia is an excellent source of information for all who are involved in operations management -- from business professionals to students. Having both worked and studied under Professor Hill, I know the quality of his work and teaching."
Michael Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, The Toro Company
"We've all heard the terms and like to think we can keep them straight, but in this increasingly complex world, having this ready reference is absolutely essential for practitioners and managers alike."
Tom Platner, Vice President, Engineering & Manufacturing, Fargo Electronics
"In today's fast-paced and complex environment, Art's compilation is a must-have reference for any operations manager, new or experienced."
Adam Hjerpe, Senior Director of Program Management and Quality, Specialized Care Services - a UnitedHealth Group company
"We have experienced Art Hill's effective training first-hand in our Lean Sigma program at Kemps where his program has had an immediate and sustainable impact. Art's new book will be a great resource for all participants in our Lean Sigma program going forward."
James Green, President and CEO, Kemps, LLC
"A valuable resource for supply chain professionals, executives and managers from all functions in the company."
Paul Husby, Vice President, 3M Supply Chain and Logistic Operations (retired)
"An excellent, quick but thorough reference for anyone involved in managing or improving operations in any organization. The only book of its kind!"
Dr. Richard Chua, Executive Vice President, Juran Institute, Inc.
"The Encyclopedia will take a place on my office bookshelf next to the quality handbook by Dr. Juran as one of my go-to references. This book has packed so much into one reference I could see it being a great reference when you encounter a need to revisit the fundamentals. Nicely done!"
Joe Dehler, Vice President, Business Process Improvement, Carlson Companies
"An invaluable tool for effectively navigating and understanding the rapidly developing technologies in today's modern age of operations."
Rick Heupel, Former Vice-President, Asia Operations, Seagate
"With the pace of change in the business world today, crystal clear communication has become an important management tool. Lack of clarity leads to more waste and errors than any other single factor. This definitive encyclopedia of terms and frameworks should become THE industry standard."
Connie Fuhrman, Senior Vice President, Operations Transformation, Best Buy (retired)
"This is a GREAT book - fascinating, rich in contents, covering a wide range of disciplines. It will become one of the most precious books in my professional library and will become THE REFERENCE for my students."
Professor Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Head of the Department of Information, Decision and Management, Bordeaux Business School, FRANCE
"A fantastic effort the first major effort in our field to systematize the knowledge domains in a concise and lucid style."
Professor Amitabh Raturi, Professor and Director of Industrial Management, University of Cincinnati
"An essential, authoritative resource for students, professors, and practitioners. This is a timely effort and Art has done an excellent job in putting together a much needed reference. Given the pervasiveness of operations, this reference will be extremely useful to managers and executives from all functional areas."
Professor Sum Chee Chuong, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore Business School
"What an amazing reference! I'm preparing a new reading for my MBA students and the Encyclopedia provided the perfect place for me to check definitions. This was really, really helpful."
Professor Nancy Hyer, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University
"Art has done us a great service with this comprehensive, completely cross-referenced, and clearly communicated collection. It is required reading for all operations professionals."
Professor D. Clay Whybark, Macon G. Patton Distinguished Professor of Operations Technology and Innovation Management (OTIM), University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"It is an excellent resource for students and operations managers."
Professor Kalyan Singhal, McCurdy Professor of Operations Management, Editor-in-chief, Production and Operations Management, Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore
"A great help for my blackbelt training at work."
"This encyclopedia is great. Now I am fluent in the language of operations management."
"Tremendous resource for students preparing for case discussions and job interviews."
"Much more than a dictionary or a glossary - this is an encyclopedia!"
"Everything students need to know about operations management. All MBAs will want this."
"Detailed information about both the soft and the hard sides of operations management."

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